Production Bases

Yachimata Factory

Own factory, specialized in production of school bags

Yachimata city, Chiba, 30 minutes drive from Narita Airport
Sewing machine 14, Arm sewing machine 5, 2-needle lockstitch machine 8, Computer controlled machine 4, Overlock machine 1
Riveter 8

Yachimata Factory

Pursuing the perfect quality

Fulfilling the essential durability for school bags

There are different varieties of riveters that have an important role to strengthen the bag bodies. Other than riveters, the factory has specialized facilities for production of school bags, such as sewing machines with number zero thread and computer controlled machines sewing thick materials firmly.

Careful handling till the finishing

Through the production by craftsmen with long experiences and full knowledge, bags are packed carefully so that school children can start using bags pleasantly and comfortably. These bags are distributed to schools nationwide after all the process is completed.