Company Profile

Company History

1957 December Shouzou Maruyoshi established a factory in Tokyo.
1966 June Incorporated.
1972 August Capital stock was 10 million JPY.
September Formed a capital alliance with Jalux Inc., affiliated company of Japan Airlines Corporation.
After 5 million yen contribution from Jalux Inc., capital was increased to 15 million JPY.
December Opened a new factory (860 square meters) in Choshi city, Chiba (one hour drive from Narita International Airport)
1980 May Moved the head office to Maruyoshi building in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
August Capital was increased to 30 million JPY.
1993 July Hirokazu Maruyoshi took over as president.
Capital was increased to 98 million JPY.
2008 October Opened a factory in Yachimata, Chiba (thirty minutes drive from Narita Airport) for expansion of production.
2010 November Acquired land for a new Yachimata factory.
2019 July Yuki Yanagawa took over as president.