Business Outline

Repair and Cleaning

Repair and Cleaning Division receives requests of exchanging handles and fasteners, replacing lining fabric, cleaning, and coloring to revitalize handbags.
Experienced and skilled craftsmen handle clients’ bags carefully and repair wholeheartedly with the knowledge of achieving the performances of 8,000 pieces per year.


Diverse Sewing Machines
Using multiple sewing machines enables suitable repair for each bag with different shape, materials and repairing parts.
Some parts are sewn by hand as well as machines.

Diverse Sewing Machines

Abundant Materials
Threads and alternative parts should be similar to the original’s to avoid disorder from original look.
Also craftsmen make the nearest color to the original by mixing some colors as coloring.

Abundant Materials

Cleaning and Coloring Room
Cleaning and coloring are performed in a dedicated room.
Spraying coating materials after inspecting the leather condition makes look natural.

Cleaning and Coloring Room

Before & After Examples

Fixing a handle

Before Fixing a handle

After Fixing a handle

Replacing lining fabric

Before Replacing lining fabric

After Replacing lining fabric

Replacing a fastener

Before Replacing a fastener

After Replacing a fastener


Before Coloring

After Coloring